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Drilling Software

DrillScan’s directional drilling software improves performance. Our software modules are intuitive and supported by an expert technical team known for their service excellence.

Engineering Services

DrillScan engineers develop and deliver expert solutions for any stage of well-construction, from pre-analysis through real-time operations to post-analysis.

R&D Laboratory

Our company roots are in research. DrillScan works diligently to maintain scientific objectivity and is always improving by investing in R&D.

Customizable Drilling Software Solutions to Suit Specific Project Needs

DrillScan offers 8 distinct software modules to serve well construction engineers, drilling & completion engineers, superintendents, drilling managers, application engineers, drilling optimization engineers.

Engineering, real-time monitoring, and PDC Bit design solutions are all part of the package. Choose a single solution you need or buy the bundle.

Well Planning

Wellbore Survey

Well Integrity

Directional Drilling

Drill Bit Management

Drilling Dynamics

Drill String Mechanics

Drilling Hydraulics

Other Services


DrillScan’s engineers and software have one unified goal: find new possibilities to help our industry perform better.

Improve safety. Improve efficiency. Increase productivity. All these objectives support bottom-line results that equate to millions of dollars in revenue. These are the initiatives DrillScan developers and engineers proudly support with our work.

Our Clients

Scientific Excellence is our Standard

Our founders represent the top scientific minds in the world. Their knowledge fuels our company’s ability to deliver superior solutions.

Research & Development Laboratory

Everything we do is subject to experimentation, validation, and testing in our lab. For more than 40 years, DrillScan scientists have been researching and developing solutions in partnership with the Mining School of Paris and INSA Lyon.

Lab Testing & Field Validation

DrillScan engineers test on a full-scale drilling simulator and small-scale buckling facility in the lab then validate methods in the field in partnership with key clients.

Performance is our Measure of Excellence 

Whether a proprietary solution or a market-wide product offering, the end result is a user-friendly, customizable software solution that delivers desireable outcomes. 

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