Engineering/Directional Drilling Management

BHA and Bit Directional Pre-Analysis

Challenge service companies BHA and bit proposal to improve directional performance

Anticipate the coupled BHA and bit directional performance against rock strength

Improve design of the BHA and bit to reach the directional objectives

Provide the best BHA and bit solution without compromising ROP


Strong experience is required to optimize BHA design. This service benefits from DrillScan experience and shares it with directional drillers.

BHA and Bit Directional Pre-Analysis service provides a complete analysis of the 3D directional behavior of any proposed BHA.

Taking into account the interactions between the formation, an advanced modelling of the bit and the BHA, it ensures an accurate prediction of the BHA response (Build/Drop rate and Turn rate) and deflection along the well trajectory contributing into directional pre-engineering enhancement and mitigation of BHA Sag error.

Sensitivity analyses realized on operating parameters (WOB, Overgauge, Friction Factor…) bring value to validate the planned objectives in any situation and environment.

Taking advantage of our strong knowledge in directional drilling and experienced team, we also highlight potential directional inabilities and provide consistent recommendations on BHA and drill string design optimization to improve your drilling performance.

Benefits of Well Path Design








Independent benchmarking of directional drilling solutions.

Any type of BHA

We manage all BHA types on the market: Rotary, VGS, URWD, Motor and RSS, Casing While drilling, Coil Tubing Drilling and can help reduce the number of days required to drill a well.

Save money

Achieve shoe-to-shoe drilling with a single BHA.


Reduce the cost per foot by choosing the correct BHA&Bit (RSS BHA are not needed every time!).

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