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Casing Design

Casing design for the life of the well and all of its loading conditions.

Proper modeling of loading conditions is instrumental in order to select the appropriate grade and tubular dimensions to design well architecture than ensures well integrity during the well life-cycle.

The casing design module includes a visual load case editors so that internal and external pressure can easily be changed as need be. A proprietary stiff-string calculation is performed that takes into account dimension of each element of the well architecture. Additionally flexible and rigid centralizers as well as temperature change from an initial to final state can be modeled.

Tubing-packer forces and wellhead growth during production and construction are two advanced functionalities of the casing module.

More Well Integrity Modules

Casing Deformation and Stand-off

Casing Deformation and Stand-off

A module for planning centralizations or assessing remaining cased-hold tortuosity.

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Casing Wear

Casing Wear

Evaluate the amount of casing wear generated by the contract forces during each operation of the well construction process.

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