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Well Path Design

Well Path Design

Quick automatic well plan creation that reaches all your targets


Anti-Collision calculation to ensure safe well positioning

Latest Error Models

Latest magnetic and gyro error models from ISCWSA


The Well Path Design module is an advanced tool that allows the creation of your wellbore path, ensuring all your targets are optimally reached. With the use of the latest error models you will be able to determine your wellbore position accurately and enhance wellbore placement.

With the module’s 3D visualization you will have a better understanding of your wellbore position and its ellipsoids of uncertainty along with its proximity to nearby wells.

The module also provides anti-collision calculations to minimize risk and uncertainty in your well trajectory.

Wallplots, plan reports, and anti-collision reports can be easily and quickly created, modified, and saved. The module also allows for exporting reports in the most common formats such as PDF and Excel when needed.

Benefits of Well Path Design

Optimal Well Path creation

Create your wellbore path ensuring all your targets are reached in the most optimal manner

3D visualization

Visualize your wellbore in 3D along with ellipsoids of uncertainty and offset wells

Anti-collision calculations

Run anti-collision calculation to minimize risk and uncertainty from risk of collision


Generate wall plots and reports easily and quickly with the ability to modify to meet your needs and requirements

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